Medical Access Direct Primary Care

To enroll in our direct primary care service, please choose from the following plans:

Option 1: Direct Primary Care

Patients directly pay their physician an agreed to low-cost rate which is paid up front at the beginning of each month.

Individual Plan: $73.25/month (plus $50 enrollment fee)

Family Plan: $73.25/month plus $28.25/month per additional family member (plus $50 enrollment fee for each family member)


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Option 2: Medical Access Plus (Direct Primary Care plus Telemedicine)

Direct Primary Care (DPC), the cornerstone of your Health and Wellness Program combined with the convenience of Telemedicine

See a doctor anytime (whether you are traveling or just at home) via your smartphone or computer

Welcome to Talk MD Live

Talk MD Live provides a fully integrated, state of the art telehealth solution that connects physicians and patients worldwide from any platform. Unlike most telemedicine companies, Talk MD Live maintains HIPAA compliance and is completely confidential therefore enabling healthcare providers and patients to securely communicate at any given time or place

  • Individual Plan: $79.25/month (plus $50 enrollment fee)
  • Family Plan: $79.25/month plus $33.00/month per additional family member (plus $50 enrollment fee for each family member)

Please consult with your doctor to determine additional per call fees for Telemedicine

Medical Access USA Additional Services

Medical Access USA offers you additional (optional) services that can provide you and your family with more access to medical providers and an affordable option for specialist and catastrophic issues that may occur.

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